Hype and Heritage; Supreme vs Bape

Supreme vs Bape. A dangerous question to ask depending on the person you are asking. Hype and heritage, these two brands have been compared to each other endlessly in previous years. But which brand really is the MVP.

Above on the left we have the Bape Shark Hoodie, and on the right we have the classic Box Logo Supreme Hoodie.

Both have influenced and changed hip hop/streetwear culture in a transcendent way that can’t be expressed through words. However, I do, in my humble opinion think Supreme is the better brand as far as it’s reach and influence. This is because Supreme do many more collaborations, which keeps their brand image alive and keeps the hype going. They are very consistent with their drops, they have better and more affordable prices and their designs for the most part are very universal in that people that have specific tastes as far a fashion goes, will still find things that they like in a Supreme drop.

Bape is very expensive and in my option over priced. Their concept is better than Supreme and I also think that their designs are also a bit more unique and cool, but Bape is just way out of the reach of your average teen, fashion/streetwear head or just your average joe. However, Supreme isn’t so elusive and esoteric.

The overall versatility, price range and far reaching collaborations prove to be Supreme’s strongest assets in comparing them to their main competitor.


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