Heart; The Secret to Success is Trend Stacking

As a millennial there is a lot of pressure to constantly compete and create. The question is not why, but how. The answer is, by looking at what exists and making it better and this is the skeletal frame of trend stacking. Trend stacking, is self explanatory. You take a trend, look at what has worked, discard any problematic elements and build on top of the previous blueprint. In this generation originality doesn’t exist, everything that needed to be invented has been, now its a matter of making things better, easier to use and more time efficient.

Now that you know that rather than invent something completely new, you should look to improve what is already there and with flaws. Your creativity should not feel daunted but rather more optimistic. Its easier to improve things with a pre existing frame that you can add to. “Work smart, not hard” this approach allows for an individual to work at a rate that is not over bearing, yet still be able to innovate.

Facebook trend stacked Myspace. Snapchat trend stacked Instagram. At this point the opportunities to innovate are boundless purely due to fact that there are so many pre existing business models and brands that we as millennial’s can build on and generate income from. At this point everybody is embracing their creative spirit in some way shape or form whether it be creating their own clothing brands, YouTube videos, blogs or apps. It’s your turn to innovate and create.

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