Monthly Archives: July 2017

Heart; Don’t call me Cocky ?

“You’re too cocky” I genuinely believe the line between cocky and confident is very thin and blurry. The slightest comment that you make to uplift yourself is automatically met with hostility. When people call me “cocky” I become very wary because I feel that there is a reason they don’t want me to be confident […]

Hype and Heritage; Supreme vs Bape

Supreme vs Bape. A dangerous question to ask depending on the person you are asking. Hype and heritage, these two brands have been compared to each other endlessly in previous years. But which brand really is the MVP. Above on the left we have the Bape Shark Hoodie, and on the right we have the […]

Heart; The Secret to Success is Trend Stacking

As a millennial there is a lot of pressure to constantly compete and create. The question is not why, but how. The answer is, by looking at what exists and making it better and this is the skeletal frame of trend stacking. Trend stacking, is self explanatory. You take a trend, look at what has worked, […]