Louis Vuitton X Supreme

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Imagery courtesy of @supremenewyork  @louisvuitton @cruzbeckham and @travisscott ‘s Instagram pages. As well as hypebeast.com .

Louis Vuitton X Supreme

High fashion with a legacy meets a hyped streetwear brand to collaborate on a collection that transcends style, culture, and class. Everyone, and I mean everyone has heard that famed skate brand Supreme has come together with luxury high fashion brand Louis Vuitton on a collection ranging from trunks and leather goods to apparel and footwear. The iconic monogram returns in white and red representing the classic Supreme colour-way and adorned on the centre the classic Supreme box logo. As well and white and red tones, we see the more classic Louis Vuitton colours such as brown and gold amongst hues of blue and black.

The current hype surrounding the collection is still in its infancy, however it will unequivically affect popular culture in a way that hasn’t been seen before upon release. this is because never before have two brands collaborated on a collection as extensive as this, especially a brand with such a rich history like Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has only ever collaborated with designers and only one artist, Kanye West. So, it is obvious why this collaboration is so highly sought after and coveted.

Potential impact ? the potential impact of this collection is that it will further bridge the gap between high fashion and streetwear hip hop and popular culture as people from all of these worlds will come together in pursuit if this collection. High fashion has often looked down upon streetwear and hip hop culture, as due to its lack of boundaries and limitless expression. Those in the world of high fashion worked hard and studied hard to acquire their skills, and everything they do is meticulous and regimented. However, streetwear and hip hop culture as a whole is more free. These differences have begun to change as high fashion has come to adapt to new times and embrace the new wave of high fashion streetwear as a duo as an oppose to two separate entities.

The effect of this collaboration will be felt far and wide as it will open the door to more collaborations of a similar scale. Opinions on and the accessibility of high fashion will change for the better as it will become evermore accessible to the mainstream audience. Not solely due to this collaboration, but as the mindsets of men have been changing regarding high fashion. Women have always been into high fashion and runway looks. However, its mens fashion that has seen a spike in recent years due to changing attitudes.

Hypebeast or not, I’m sure you’re looking very forward to this collaboration.

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