Heart; Selfish is Good

Being selfish has such a bad connotation connected to it. However, mastering the art of selfishness can be a very positive thing. Allow me to explain.

The core element of being selfish, is more to do with self love then it does vanity. Once you place yourself above others in your own mind then you will be happy. If there is no ‘you’ in your life than everyone else is irrelevant. This is why being selfish is good, once you prioritise your happiness, health and wealth over others you will begin to see that you can now provide a better support system for those you care about.

My favourite analogy to use in this scenario is, imagine you had a hole in your ceiling and so did your neighbour. You must fix yours first before it gets worse, then when yours is in working order and there are no problems you can lend a hand to your neighbour. If you left your house to help your neighbours and your house ended up getting damaged more, the chances are you’re not going to move in with your neighbour are you? Make sure you are strong enough and have dealt with the things personal to you first, and then you are in a better and more stable position to help others. Especially because as a good person doing things for other people may come naturally but for some people repaying those favours is not on their priorities, they prefer to use people than to be of service to them. In order to avoid being used and left in a disadvantageous position, firstly secure yourself and then help others.

This is also related to positive things in life not only negatives. For example, a lot of people become jealous because they are not selfish enough. You should be more concerned about bettering your situation rather than obsessing over some else’s. Be selfish, help yourself so that when you are happy, you are in a more positive frame of mind and can be happy for others. Self improvement and selfishness will actually lead to you becoming a better person, because when everything is going well for you, you will be in a much stronger position to help others. Either financially, or mentally, as far as advice and just being supportive.

Don’t forget to live life for yourself. Look out for number 1 because nobody else will.

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