Fashion Failures; Trying Too Hard

Who are try hard’s and what do they do?

These are the people that are hell bent on only wearing designer and matching every aspect of their outfit in order to fulfil their false beliefs that it makes them look more fashionable, trendy or stylish, more so than the average person. This is one of the greatest misconceptions in fashion in general, but I’m speaking more specifically from the perspective of men’s fashion.

Most men have adopted a false ideal that just because their clothing is designer that their outfits are automatically better than the average mans outfit. False. Many a time I’ve witnessed men dressed head to toe in designer and still managing to look like they dressed themselves in a blackout. No sense of colour coordination or style, or even using colours and textures to complement each other. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the price of your outfit doesn’t help your case.

This is coming from a guy who indulges in both designer and high street fashion. If it looks good, I’m buying it. Sometimes brand names have a bearing sometimes they don’t. However, the only time brand names really have a bearing is in the perception of the quality of the products that I’m buying. Otherwise I’m more focussed on the look. As a student or even a younger millennial my finances are far from extensive and so this puts further pressure on my purchases as far as over indulging in designer clothing just for the sake of it. It is for this reason that I feel that by doing so, you are trying too hard. Whether you can afford it or not, your outfit should be focussed on aesthetics first and prices/labels after.

My personal go to store is Zara. That’s my preference but there is an abundance of other stores like River Island, Top Man, etc. from where men can find and mix different garments into their daily outfits and still look more trendy than your Knightsbridge local. Don’t get caught in the trap of prestige. It often fails.

Secondly, the other types of try hard I come across often, are the excessive colour coordinators. Listen lads, if you’re wearing red shoes, not every element of your outfit needs red accents. It doesn’t look good, and its obvious you really thought it out. If fashion is about expression, then overthinking is the corruption of it. Believe me. Subtle colour coordination along with contrasting tones is the best way to do it. Summertime can be an exception, but still be very careful of how you match everything. You can tell just by looking at anyone’s outfit what they were roughly thinking prior to putting it on. Neutral tones however such as greys, blacks and whites are allowed to be coordinated in excess and they are not too overbearing. However, any pastels or bright tones should be subtle. No more than three elements of your outfits should be overly colour coordinated and in the ideal scenario only two, with perhaps a third accent colour which matches.

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