Hype; Fashion Misconceptions Part 2

Cross Branding

Cross branding is something that gets people overly emotional, and for no reason in my personal opinion. Fashion is for self, self-expression, self-confidence, or whatever it is that you feel you achieve for yourself through your fashion. Wear what you want.

People do this thing where, they find something cool and quickly place restrictions and barriers around it. Now for the most part it’s usually beneficial e.g. security and safety. However, when it comes to fashion I feel that having rules is quite paradoxical in that if I choose to express myself, I should be able to do so regardless of rules. Also, I feel most of these rules were made up, such as not being allowed to cross brand outfits. I feel that people get caught up in the fact that it’s the companies that are competing, not us!

Also, the beauty in fashion is collaboration, bringing different colours, textures and brands together to make yourself stand out. So why would you place a barrier in front of your creativity, its contradictory.

Whether it be Adidas vs Nike or Louis Vuitton vs Gucci, lets keep it between the businesses.

Let me know what you think in the comment’s below!

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