Hype: Fashion Misconceptions

Rarely are there boundaries in fashion. This is why it baffles me when people question an outfit based on previous misconceptions. For example, you can’t wear double denim. This one statement annoys me because it is based on nothing factual, but is again a popular fashion misconception.

Double denim is do-able however there are ways to do it. Firstly, never try to match the shade of your top to your jeans, unless they come as a matching set. This is because it is rare to do so and not only that but it also looks like you tried really hard to get your outfit together. Therefore, instead of match, pick two clashing shades, one light and one dark. Secondly, and just as importantly, the footwear needs to complement the outfit and not try to be the focal point. While you may be tempted with shades of red or any other outlandish colour, which is entirely up to you. White or tan footwear will always complement a double denim outfit more so than any other colour. The tan or white shoes will bring the outfit together and draw attention to the whole outfit rather than just the individual pieces. Unless you choose grey denim, with a blue denim top, in that case your footwear choices can be more varied. This is just one example. Peep a few way’s to pull of denim x2 below;

When it comes to fashion, trends change quickly, and so will the misconceptions. Everyone has their opinion’s on what is aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not them wearing your outfit, each to their own. As long as you carry your look with confidence, that’s the main thing. Make suggestions, not criticisms.

At the end of the day, wear what you want, people will have opinions regardless. Fashion is supposed to be about expression. Rock whatever you’re feeling and how you want to.

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