Heart; Why I chose to start blogging

Why I chose to start blogging

Because I have a big mouth, lots of opinions and feel the need to share them.

In all seriousness though, I was always into fashion from a young age as the majority of my family members had occupations relating to the industry on a retail level or manufacturing. Growing up in fashion gave me a unique perspective on the industry as far as the development of new trends today and the resurgence of the old trends. In my recent years I was constantly getting asked questions regarding my outfits, my footwear choices and just asked about my opinions on certain aspects of fashion. Be it from favourite footwear brands to what clothes I was wearing myself. People would also often ask me about my opinion on recent releases, thoughts on different people’s outfits from celebrities to friends. Eventually, the people around me convinced me that I should start blogging. The seed was planted.

Initially I had no strong foundation of knowledge regarding this world, and believe me I still have a lot to learn. However, having the freedom to express one’s thoughts can be very therapeutic and having a place to put them all and call your own can often free the mind to move on, rather than holding onto outdated thoughts in some respect. Blogging I though would help me filter though my thought’s, feeling’s and opinion’s and curate them all in one space. My blog.

Blogging has given me a platform to share my thoughts and opinions boundlessly. The viewership at this point isn’t my main focus. I’m just passionate about fashion, business, sports, travelling and giving any advice I feel would be helpful. Therefore, having the ability to communicate that all on one platform is why I continue to do it.

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