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Louis Vuitton X Supreme

Imagery courtesy of @supremenewyork  @louisvuitton @cruzbeckham and @travisscott ‘s Instagram pages. As well as . Louis Vuitton X Supreme High fashion with a legacy meets a hyped streetwear brand to collaborate on a collection that transcends style, culture, and class. Everyone, and I mean everyone has heard that famed skate brand Supreme has come […]

Heart; Selfish is Good

Being selfish has such a bad connotation connected to it. However, mastering the art of selfishness can be a very positive thing. Allow me to explain. The core element of being selfish, is more to do with self love then it does vanity. Once you place yourself above others in your own mind then you […]

Fashion Failures; Trying Too Hard

Who are try hard’s and what do they do? These are the people that are hell bent on only wearing designer and matching every aspect of their outfit in order to fulfil their false beliefs that it makes them look more fashionable, trendy or stylish, more so than the average person. This is one of […]

Heart; Motivation vs Discipline

There are many times in life when we we have to do certain things that are necessary, but we have no desire to do them. These things are of importance and need to be done in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a series of these small efforts that are required that will lead […]

Hype; Fashion Misconceptions Part 2

Cross Branding Cross branding is something that gets people overly emotional, and for no reason in my personal opinion. Fashion is for self, self-expression, self-confidence, or whatever it is that you feel you achieve for yourself through your fashion. Wear what you want. People do this thing where, they find something cool and quickly place […]

Heart; How I got my confidence

CONFIDENCE. The single most popular question I get asked on a daily basis is “where do you get your confidence come from?”. The simplest answer is that it is a combination of nature and nurture. Growing up in a North African house being soft and sensitive is not an option because the jokes alone will […]

Hype: Fashion Misconceptions

Rarely are there boundaries in fashion. This is why it baffles me when people question an outfit based on previous misconceptions. For example, you can’t wear double denim. This one statement annoys me because it is based on nothing factual, but is again a popular fashion misconception. Double denim is do-able however there are ways […]

Heart; Why I chose to start blogging

Why I chose to start blogging Because I have a big mouth, lots of opinions and feel the need to share them. In all seriousness though, I was always into fashion from a young age as the majority of my family members had occupations relating to the industry on a retail level or manufacturing. Growing […]